Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Water blinds with devocalization, re-entry marks, and tune-up land blinds

As today was the last chance I'd have to train Laddie on water before our trip to another training seminar on Saturday, I picked up an assistant and the three of us drove to the closest training property in our area.

Here are the retrieves I ran Laddie on:

  1. Water blind with point of land. This blind required a difficult angle entry into a channel, a diagonal swim along the length of the channel to a point of land on the other side, and crossing a second channel to a bumper on the far shore marked with a lining pole. Laddie needed to be cast right to stay in the channel after every entry, and the first four times, he vocalized on that cast and I called him back in. The fifth time, he took the cast without vocalizing and then took the remaining casts to complete the blind without vocalizing again. In fact, he did not vocalize again the rest of the day.
  2. Five LWLWL marks, all in different locations. The first, third, and fifth of the marks involved crossing a channel and then a strip of land, followed by a difficult re-entry into a second section of water with an inviting opportunity to run the bank. Laddie ran all of those on a good line without attempting a cheat. The second and fourth of the marks involved crossing two coves with a point of land between them. Laddie ran each of those by swimming around the point, so they didn't really function as re-entry marks as I had intended.
  3. Water blind with point of land followed by keyhole between a clump of grass and the shore. Laddie ran this blind without vocalizing.
  4. Three land drills over the sides of mounds and then thru keyholes made by pairs of trees, all in different locations.  The combination of mounds and keyholes virtually guaranteed that Laddie would not be able to line these blinds. The purpose of running them was three-fold: To give Laddie practice taking a line over a mound; to give both of us practice maneuvering thru a tight keyhole while maintaining forward progress; and to use Walk Outs if Laddie had any slow sits. He had no trouble with the mounds and no slow sits requiring Walk Outs. However, he did miss the keyholes several times, requiring me to call him back partway or all the way to try again.
After today's fairly demanding session, I won't have time for much, if any, training with Laddie the next two days. So hopefully he'll get plenty of rest in preparation for our five-day seminar starting on Saturday, followed by a rest day and then our next qual.

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