Saturday, April 25, 2015

Training seminar, day 1

Today was the first day of the second retriever seminar that Laddie and I have taken. Here's list of Laddie's retrieval work today:

Tune-up blinds (three), including two Walk Outs for slow whistle sits.

With the pro and the group: Four land marks, run by Laddie as a single and a triple: he nailed the single and the go-bird of the triple, but he got lost on both of the retired marks

With the pro and the group: Two land blinds: Laddie did well on both, including good whistle sits; however, for both of his initial lines -- usually one of his strengths -- he took a line too far to the left. Also, he vocalized on the first or one of the first casts of each of the blinds.

With the pro and the group: Three water marks, run by Laddie as a double and a single; he tried to run the bank on his first water entry, to which I responded not be whistling and casting him into the water but by calling him back to heel and sending him again, which he correctly interpreted to mean "get it right this time." Aside from that he did a good job on all three marks.

One water blind featuring a cheat-y water entry and other water crossings. This wasn't actually set up as a water blind. What happened was that one of the other trainers threw a bird onto an island for a dog he was working with and the dog couldn't retrieve it, so he went in search of someone with a dog who could get the bird off the island, and Laddie was available.

Although Laddie did lots of good work, I was somewhat discouraged by his performance on the land triple and his attempted cheat on the first water mark. These are things we've worked on for years.

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