Thursday, July 16, 2009

Adventure Drill with Video, Cheating Water Blind

Needwood Lake

Today we returned to Needwood Lake Pake and hiked down to the south bank of the creek that flows from the dam on the west end of the lake. There we ran a series of AD retrieves with challenges such as steep embankments, thick underbrush, boulders, and logs.

Next we hiked to a cove on the north side of the lake and ran a 70-yard LWL water blind with the dogs swimming parallel to the shoreline at a distance of about 5 yards.

Finally, we hiked down to the north bank of the same creek as earlier for some more AD retrieves.

While running the day's AD retrieves, I snapped some photos with my cell phone. Later, I emailed them to myself, converted them into a video, and uploaded the video to YouTube. Here's the video, showing the sorts of places we ran today's Adventure Drill retrieves:

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