Saturday, July 25, 2009

Land Blinds

Local Elementary School

As we drove to Needwood Park for a hike with Renee and Gabriel, her Golden, we stopped at an elementary school along the way that has a lot of land behind it, and ran the following:

SERIES A. Double land blind (Laddie, then Lumi)

The first blind was to the right at 60 yards. The second blind was 90° to the left at 130 yards. Both blinds were unmarked ODs.

The line to the first blind was on a slant uphill and thru a cluster of trees, forming a narrow keyhole for the correct line. The line to the second blind was thru a smaller cluster of trees, forming an easier keyhole since it was only a few yards in front of us. The line then slanted across a ditch and continued into a featureless area of a sports field.

For some reason the first blind was more more difficult, judging by the number of WSCs required. Both dogs were drawn to the left of the keyhole, as though avoiding the uphill slant. I'm not sure, though, that they were avoiding the climb. It seems more likely to me that they were drawn to that picture because it had more distance in front of it before the path would be blocked by a barrier of thick, high cover, and their experience was that a longer blind would be more likely.

Because I'm maintaining narrow corridors for the dogs' blinds these days, both dogs required a little handling on both blinds, and they both responded well on all WSs and casts.

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