Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Water Blind, Land Blinds in Open Meadow

Needwood Lake

Today Renee and I discovered a new hiking trail at Needwood Lake Park that took us to the north side of the lake. Although we were not there primarily for a training session, I had two WDs with me and took the opportunity for:

SERIES A. Water blind (Laddie, then Lumi)

Series A was an 80-yard water blind (WD) with the line to the blind running parallel to the shoreline most of the way at a distance of 10 yards. Laddie required two casts to get to the blind, then picked up a dummy and trotted right back into the water. Lumi lined the blind but required an "Over" cast to get her back in the water rather than running the bank for the return.

We may return here in the future to use the same area to set up lines closer and closer to the shoreline. I also noticed a possible Adventure Drill venue using a creek we could see thru the woods from one section of the trail.

Riggs Road

SERIES B. Triple land blind (Laddie, then Lumi)

The first blind (OD) was to the right at 70 yards. The second blind (OD) was to the left at 120 yards. The third blind (duck) was in the center at 180 yards. Lines to the blinds were at 30° angles from one another. All blinds were in open meadow and marked with lining poles. Laddie lined the left blind, while Lumi lined both the left and center blinds.

If it's not apparent, I intentionally used ducks for the last blind because for Lumi and Laddie, carrying a duck tends to be more enjoyable than carrying a training dummy. Thus today's arrangement, like the ones I usually use, is intended to condition a blind to predict an opportunity for an even more enjoyable retrieve.

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