Friday, October 31, 2008

Offline Drill, Honoring

AM: Oaks Area 1

SERIES A. Offline drill, 70-yard segments (Lumi only)

SERIES B. "Ready to play?", just Lumi and me. Today I cued RTP to put Lumi into a down, blew a duck call, fired a starters pistol, and threw a duck a few feet from Lumi. Then I took up my position facing the opposite direction from behind Lumi's right flank, cued Here, gave Lumi a chunk of crunchy fried chicken as we ran 50 yards to the van, and finally threw a different duck for her several times at the van.

We repeated that sequence three times.

SERIES C. Offline drill, 70-yard segments (Laddie only)

SERIES D. RTP with Laddie. Similar to earlier sessions, but today I switched from throwing a duck at the van to throwing a dummy and playing tug. That seems to be more fun for Laddie than the duck.

PM: Oaks Area 1

SERIES E. With Renee video-taping, offline drill with 70-yard segments (both dogs).

Neither dog was as sharp as usual, but here are the videos.

Lumi on Series E:

Laddie on Series E:

Similar to Series B, except for Series F, Renee was blowing the duck call, firing the pistol, and throwing a dummy in front of Lumi. We did three reps. The first two times, Lumi started toward the dummy when I called Here but spun around and came to me when I said, "No here". The third time, she didn't even try to run toward the dummy, and immediately chased me when I called Here and ran toward the van.

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