Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hilly Blind, Keyhole Blind (with videos)

Oaks Area 3

With temps in the 90s and no time to get to a training area with technical ponds, I limited today's training to a single series at a nearby field. The three Oaks fields haven't been mowed in several months, but the one I call Area 3 still seemed usable for blinds.

I brought along video camera and tripod and took some videos, which I'll add to this post.

SERIES A. Double land blind (Laddie, then Lumi)

The first blind (OD) was to the right at 70 yards. The line to the first blind was diagonally across a wide, dry ditch, then slanting uphill to the blind, which was planted in high cover. The second blind (pheasant) was 90° to the left at 100 yards. The line to the second blind was thru a series of slanted keyholes formed by trees. The biggest challenge of the second blind turned out to be visibility from the SL: When Laddie overran the blind, he ran up a hill and we became hidden from each other by tree foliage. I moved laterally while he stayed on the move at the crest of the hill until we could see each other, then he responded well to a WS and an angle-in cast.

We train often at this field, always using different set-ups. I guess we're a familiar sight to people who work in the adjacent facility. In Laddie's video, a truck driver honks a greeting as he drives by.

When I've posted videos in the past, readers have sometimes commented that my voice sounds harsh. I don't think my dogs perceive it as harsh. I hope not.

Here's a video of Laddie running Series A:

Here's a video of Lumi running Series A:

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