Thursday, August 6, 2009

Training, Swimming with Friends

Mt. Ararat Farm

Today, Lumi, Laddie, and I drove up to train with Gaby and her three dogs, and also another friend, Jean and her two dogs. We all had individual agendas for our dogs. Here's what Lumi and Laddie did.

[Note: I usually try to make a mental or written note of distances while the series are in progress, but I didn't do that for today's setups, so the distances in today's post are more approximate than usual. I tried to be conservative, so some of the retrieves may have been longer than those shown.]

SERIES A. Double water blind (Laddie, then Lumi)

For Series A, we worked at the property's circular pond, which has an island in one half, swim-depth water in the other half, and a small flock of ducks that often swims across or near the lines of retrieves in progress.

For Series A, the first blind was to the right at 40 yards, and the second blind was to the left at 50 yards. Both blinds (chukars) were set 10 yards back from water's edge.

SERIES B. Single land mark (Laddie only)

Jean set up a 250-yard mark for one of her dogs and I had Laddie run it as well.

SERIES C. Land double with blind (Lumi, then Laddie)

For Series C, the first mark (WD) was on the right, thrown right to left at 120 yards from behind a tree and on a slant uphill, with another tree on the other side forming a keyhole picture from the SL. The second mark (WD) was 45° to the left, thrown left to right (convergent) and angled in, with the fall in a patch of high weeds. After the dog picked up both dummies, the dog ran a 60-yard blind 75° to the right of the right mark, thru a line of fence poles and into thick, high cover with uneven footing the last 20 yards.

I was glad I had Gaby throw the left mark as an angle in, because it turned out that both dogs overran it, then had to circle back to pick it up. So it was good for them to have the experience and remember that sometimes that angle is used for a throw.


After training, Jean took her dogs to one of the property's ponds for some swimming, while Gaby and I took our dogs to her swimming pool for some swimming.

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