Sunday, August 16, 2009

Land Blinds at a Rural Airport

Greenville Airport

Lumi, Laddie and I haven't been able to do any field work the last two days as we drove from our home in Maryland to Moosehead Hills Cabins in Greenville, Maine, our first vacation to this part of the country.

When we arrived, I asked our host for a suggestion of where we might do some field training. One of his ideas was the local airport. We've never trained at an airport before, but it turned out to be an inspired suggestion.

Weather conditions this morning were dry and mostly sunny, with temps in the low 80s. I was a little edgy driving around the airport for the first time, taking my van across some of the runways to get to a beckoning field, but no one seemed concerned and the property was filled with innumerable possibilities for interesting and challenging blinds.

Here was the series I came up with today:

SERIES A. Triple land blind (Laddie, then Lumi)

The first blind (OD) was to the left at 60 yards. The line to the first blind was thru variable patches of thick, knee-high cover, crossing a dry ditch and then uphill, over a low crest (dog still visible), and to the edge of a scrubby wooded section.

The second blind (OD) at 100 yards was 45° to the right of the first blind. The line to the second blind was thru variable patches of thick cover, across two dry depressions and to another edge of the same wooded area.

The third blind (OD) at 230 yards was 30° to the right of the second blind. The line to the third blind converged with but did not cross an active runway, which was used by two private planes while we were training. The line to the blind was thru several areas of thin, high cover and ended at a runway marker, a thin pole with a flag.

Both dogs were responsive to all WSs and took casts with reasonable accuracy, Laddie as usual casting more accurately than Lumi. Laddie was his usual exuberant self, while Lumi paced herself in the warm weather but seemed to be having fun.

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