Friday, August 7, 2009

Lost Day

Yesterday, Nate texted me to ask whether I was going to hire Austin and him for any more training.

First I answered that I can't afford it until I get a job. Then I decided that I guess I can afford $20 once in awhile, and asked if they wanted to go to Cheltenham with me today. They said yes and I picked them up at 9:00 AM. We stopped to get the kids some breakfast, and then made the hour drive to Cheltenham.

We weren't there long. Fifty Goldens and their owners had gathered for some sort of reunion, leasing the property for the day. We turned around and made the drive home. I told the kids we'd do our training at one of the fields near home, a disappointment since what Lumi really needs is work on her handling and pickups for LWL retrieves, but better than nothing.

That, too, was not to be. Twenty minutes from home, my van's transmission went out. Nate called his dad to get picked up, and I called AAA. With the van at my mechanic's, I found a van to rent for the next three weeks, which includes our planned vacation in Maine starting next weekend.

Expenses piling up, and today as icing on the cake. Lord I hope I find work soon.

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