Thursday, June 25, 2015

Three water triples featuring re-entries, and a land blind

Today I picked up two assistants and we returned to the nearest available training property. There we ran three water triples and then a land blind.

All of the water marks included one or more challenges such as angle entries, swims beside a shoreline, and big swims, and all included at least one re-entry. Laddie only needed help on one of the nine marks, an improvement from yesterday, but I can't be sure whether that was because he was learning to remember the marks better or they were easier to remember. On two of the re-entries, he started to cheat and I called him back to the start line, then resent him and he ran the mark correctly.

The land blind was longer than some we've used for practice lately, but I incorporated no diversions. It included a fairly narrow keyhole at ~200y. Laddie got thru the keyhole in two whistles, and had high quality sits and casts from beginning to end. Here's a video:

Note on the video: I see that on one of the casts, I dropped my right arm while casting with my left arm. It looks like I'm inadvertently giving him two different casts simultaneously. I don't know how often I do that, but I'm guessing pretty often, since I had no idea I was doing it. I don't know how Laddie is supposed to know what that means!

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