Thursday, June 4, 2015

Two land triples with double blinds

Today I picked up three assistants and exploring, found a new field we've never trained on before. A public equestrian park, it had hills and slopes, lots of trees, and grass at a variety of heights.

After some scouting, I set up a triple featuring a long mark of over 300y with both memory marks retired and the go-bird up a steep hill, over a crest, and into high cover next to woods. Laddie nailed the go-bird and first memory mark, then for the long mark took a line between the gun and the fall, ran the correct distance, and turned straight to the mark.

I had also set out two blinds, both between the middle gun and the right gun, the longer blind featuring a tight diagonal keyhole at 160y. Laddie ran both blinds well, with good line mechanics, good initial lines, good whistle sits, good casts, and good carries.

Next I set up a wide-angle triple with one blind behind the gun of the long memory mark, and another blind under the arc of the middle mark and then thru a keyhole. After the three bumpers were thrown, I ran Laddie on the long blind, most of which was along the slope of a hill. As he was returning, the long gun retired. I then sent him to pick up the other two marks, and then ran him on the other blind, which was planted as he returned from the middle mark. Finally I sent him to pick up the long retired mark. He nailed all the marks and ran both blinds well.

Today's setups were reasonably challenging. At least I thought they were, but Laddie made them look easy.

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