Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Group Training Day


Today was a typical training day with our Tuesday group: a land double with blind, and a water double with blind.

Instead of running the doubles as doubles, I had my dogs run each series as a pair of singles followed by the blind. I also used a drill to reinforce the skill of keeping focus on the bird being thrown rather than "head-swinging" to another station before the first bird is down.

Thus, we ran each series as follows:
  • Bring dog to SL.
  • Show second gun station to dog, as if we were running a double and that was where the go-bird would be thrown from.
  • Have thrower at second gun station stand out, wave, and blow duck-call, simulating diversionary activity such as live ducks quacking at the flier station.
  • Turn to first gun station and show that station to the dog. For our land series, that meant turning to the left; for our water series, to the right.
  • Cue "sit, mark" and call for the throw from the first gun station.
  • Regardless of whether the dog swings her head to the second gun station or not, send her to pick up the first bird. If necessary, get her looking in the right direction again before sending her.
  • When the dog delivers the first bird, run the second mark.
  • Run the blind.
  • Subtly holding the dog's tab, honor the next dog.
After participating in the group training, we also ran several LWL blinds and poorman marks.

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