Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Training Day, Water Blind


Today, I decided to leave Lumi at home and just bring Laddie to training, so the series described were all run only by Laddie.

SERIES A. Land double with three blinds

For the double, the first mark (duck) was on the left, thrown with a winger right to left at 80 yards. The second mark (duck) was on the right, thrown with a winger right to left at 70 yards. After Laddie picked up both marks, he ran a 200-yard blind (OD marked with LP) on a line tight behind the left mark. Then he ran an 80-yard mark (OD) on a line 90° to the right of the right mark, thru a keyhole formed by two trees and across a 20-yard channel. Finally, he ran a 120-yard blind (OD) on a line 45° to the right of the right mark. That blind was not planned; one of the ODs from second blind had floated downstream.

SERIES B. Two water singles

Series B was almost identical to the water series Laddie ran last Tuesday. The first single (duck) was hand-thrown right to left at 60 yards to the end of the left arm on a T-shaped peninsula, so that Laddie swam parallel to the shoreline going out and coming back. The second single (duck) was hand-thrown right to left at 70 yards onto the middle of a peninsula.

Unlike last week when Laddie rolled in the grass once he arrived at the second fall of the water series, today Laddie had an excellent pickups and returns all day.

SERIES C. Water blind

After the group finished Series B, Series C was run only by an advanced dog being run by one of the other trainers, and by Laddie. The blind (OD) was a 170-yard LWL. The line to the blind was as follows:
  • Down the embankment to water's edge
  • Across a channel to the right arm of a T-shaped peninsula
  • Over that arm
  • 100-yard swim past a point on the right
  • Up onto land, to the base of one of several trees on the far shore

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