Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Rerunning land and water blinds

Because Laddie was eliminated twice in a row on Qual land blinds, I decided to include additional work on handling to the next trip to our closest training property. That was yesterday, a beautiful, sunny day with temps in the mid-70s. Since I wasn't planning to work on multiple marks, I just brought one assistant, who could throw water marks over corners as well as set up, and perhaps act as a distraction for, our blinds.

We ran about ten setups, including land blinds, water blinds, and water singles. I ran all the blinds with especially narrow corridors, and systematically reran Laddie on blinds, even when he completed them, if I wasn't satisfied with how he had run them.

In the past, I haven't generally rerun the same retrieve once it was complete, since I'm concerned that it might encourage returning to an old fall when running competition marks. However, in this session, I decided that I really wanted Laddie to learn how to run extremely tight blinds, and he could not always accomplish that the first time he ran some of the blinds.

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