Monday, April 13, 2015

Tuning up Laddie's whistle sit

After a great deal of training the last few days, I was primarily interested in resting Laddie today. However, I did take him out to run a tune-up drill on his whistle sit.

We ran three land blinds, 100y each. In each case, the early going was open, while the last 15y was difficult, in each case requiring Laddie to traverse heavy cover while also going thru a keyhole. In two cases, he was also simultaneously going diagonally up a slope.

Entries to those final sections required handling as I had hoped they would. Then, if Laddie didn't stop instantly when I blew the whistle, I called out Sit and walked out to him, and we walked quietly back to the start line together, where I reran him.

On the one incident where Laddie vocalized when taking a cast, I didn't walk out but I did call out No, Here. Thanks to our months of training last year, Laddie is able to discern in those cases that I'm not calling him back because of his cast, which was fine, but because of his vocalizing, and he doesn't repeat it the next time.

It was interesting to me that, having participated in the seminar the last few days, I now saw the field we were training on in a different way than I had previously. Now I saw lines for blinds that were tight and had factors I hadn't realized were usable before, whereas previously I had seen primarily long lines and one obvious keyhole between two trees in the middle of the field, and I had used lining poles and white bumpers to create diversions. It was as if I were seeing a different field, even though it was really one we'd used many times before.

Before, Laddie had a reasonable chance of lining even long blinds that I set up on the field. Now, he was sure to need handling to get thru the difficult red-zone finishes. That in turn gave us opportunities to tune up his whistle sit in preparation for our next trial on Saturday, as well of course as practicing casts into difficult terrain and keyholes.

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