Sunday, April 5, 2015

Land blinds

On the way home from our second qual, my emotions were far quieter that the previous day for some reason. That, despite the fact that once again we were caught in terrible traffic during the drive home, adding hours to our trip.

I wanted to record that, on the way home, I thought I'd take Laddie to our usual training property to try some land blinds, since it's not far out of the way. However, I spotted a huge business park thru the woods from the Interstate as we were driving, so I turned around and brought Laddie there instead, hoping to save some time.

We ran four blinds in various locations, and twice I walked out when Laddie refused casts, greatly strengthening his performance on the retry. Sometimes, I think, I don't do that enough.

The fields we used had ample distance, hills, wind, wraps, and keyholes. Unfortunately however they were on lawns with occasional pavement crossing, rather than the kind of rough terrain of a trial setting. Still, I felt it was a beneficial session. Besides, it was fun for both of us.

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