Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Simulated pond corners, tune-up blinds

After a day's rest, I wasn't able to arrange to take Laddie to technical water today as I had hoped. But I did find a place on an old golf course with a gulch next to the lawn. The gulch was filled with boulders and a few branches, but I felt that Laddie could get across safely if he had a chance to get used to traversing it.

The valuable point about it was that it presented a picture similar to a small cove of a pond for an entry or re-entry, with a long section of land in front of it. It was the kind of picture where I want Laddie to go straight, across the cove, rather than running around it, and if anything, the boulder-filled gulch provided greater resistance than a pond would to taking the straight route.

We ran this as a poorman mark several times at distances from 20y to 110y, the last one featuring a diagonal run down the side of a hill. The few times Laddie tried to run around the gulch, I called him back and sent him again. He never needed to try it more than once at each new distance, and usually, including the last time, he took a straight line the first time.

After that, we ran three tune-up blinds. I wanted factors to prevent Laddie from simply lining them, so I used keyholes that had fallen branches in front of them. When he started to veer around the branches, I stopped him and cast him back on line, so that he would pick his way thru the branches and then they the keyhole. My plan was to use a Walk Out if any of his sits were too slow, but they weren't.

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