Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Training with pro

Here's a brief description of the work Laddie and I did with the pro today.

Different location. Only one series while Laddie and I were there.

Land double plus two land blinds

First mark was on the left, thrown RTL at 60y into high cover, then retired. Second mark was on the right, thrown RTL at150y into high cover.

Both blinds were in the range 150-200y, both to the right of both marks. Factors were a crosswind and high cover.

Laddie ran last (I was the left gunner for the other dogs). He ran straight to both marks, then took good lines on each blind and handled well in a tight corridor to complete the blinds. I felt he ran all four retrieves well.

The exception was that the first time I sent him on the first blind, he was a bit off line and when I blew my whistle, his sit was a little slow. So I walked out and picked him up. After that his sits were good.

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