Monday, July 27, 2015

Point combinations

Today Laddie and I are back up north and showed up to train with pros at 6am, but they had decided to do some private yard work first thing. The pro said Laddie and I could use the pond while waiting, so I ran Laddie on a sequence of four shoreline poorman marks, in each case with two points of land in the picture.

For the first one, the line to the bumper was over both points, but running from a different direction than Laddie has run before. For the second one, the line was outside both points. He did both of those easily without any veering and if course no need for handling, though he did need handling to keep him from running the bank on the returns.

Since those seemed so easy, I ought I'd try something more advanced than the pro had suggested a few days ago, but in the same spirit, I think. I ran Laddie on a line that went post one point, and then over the next one. He again ran this with apparent ease and without handling.

Finally, I ran him on a line that went over a point, and then past the next one, completing the for possible combinations. And again he had no difficulty with it and did not require handling.

At that point I needed to break for work. I texted the pro that I'd be back soon to work with him the rest of the day, and Laddie and I were off.

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