Sunday, July 5, 2015

Six golf course blinds (with photos)

Today, I took Laddie to the nearby golf course. We worked without an assistant, on a lovely sunny day with temps in the high 70s.

I carried a single orange bumper. Laddie carried a white puppy bumper most of the time as he explored while I wandered around setting up blinds, but eventually he lost it. Maybe we'll find it another day.

We ran six blinds, distances 150-200y. Factors included treeline wraps, logs, keyholes, ditches to cross rather than going over nearby bridges, and an angle water entry with shoreline swim. Laddie did a good job, taking every obstacle and never requiring me to pick up for a slow sit.

Here are twelve pictures, two of each blind. One picture in each pair uses normal focus to give perspective on the distance, the other uses zoom focus to show details of the factors.

#1. Blind past woods

#2. Blind over log and ditch, past woods

#3. Blind over log, thru keyhole

#4. Blind across path, thru keyhole

#5. Blind past treeline, over log

#6. Blind over log, across two ditches, angle water entry, shoreline swim

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