Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Training with pro

Laddie and I are now staying with family or of state and training with a pro for one month.

Here's a brief description of yesterday's work, our first day here.

Series A. Water triple. Center, long swim, throw LTR. Right, throw RTL, retired. Left, short angle back LTR, sharp angle water entry. Needed hunt for right mark. For center mark, stayed too far right even with help from thrower, was about to get up on right shore, responded to my handling.

Series B. Tight converging water double with memory bird on right including tight channel swim and angle-back bridge. Laddie nailed mark on left, needed handling for difficult mark on right.

Series C. Rerun of right mark from Series B, with guidance from pro. Used verbal corrections and partial call-in, in addition to handling, for getting out of water too soon.

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