Saturday, June 28, 2014

Three land blinds

Again getting out early to beat the expected hot temperatures later, Laddie and I drove to a property in Germantown to run blinds.

A. 370y, featuring a down slope at 160y resulting in dog being out of sight for several seconds, an S-shaped road of which the line to the blind repeatedly crossed the edges, taking the dog on and off and on and off the road, both short and high cover at road's edge, and woods on both sides past the cover.

B. 570y, featuring large trees casting shadows on the right and acting as suction from the heat of the bright sun, an opportunity for the dog to wrap around a large tree on the right at 520y and out of sight, also a crest at 520y requiring the dog to go out of sight for a few seconds, and a diagonal road crossing at 530y while the dog was out of sight. I was able to handle Laddie to the crest, then stop him without waiting to see whether he would veer behind the tree since then it would be too late to stop him in time, and finally cast him straight back, over the crest, out of sight, diagonally across the road, and up a hill where he came back into sight as he ran straight to the bumper.

C. A re-run of the last 210y of the first blind.

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