Saturday, June 7, 2014

In our first all-age, Laddie broke

Well, Laddie's been in six events this spring: five Master tests, and today's Amateur, our first all-age stake ever.

In the week before three of those events, we trained with flyers, and Laddie passed, enabling him to complete his Master Hunter title.

In the week before the other three events, we did not train with flyers. In those three events, Laddie broke on the flyer in the first series.

I could discuss the obvious lesson (we need to train with flyers right before an event), and perhaps some not so obvious lessons, such as not letting a young dog break in early training, thinking that having the gunner pick up the bird is a good way to train the dog not to break (it's not, it's a good way for the dog to learn to break).

But instead, I'll just say, it is no fun coming back home without seeing what your dog could have done if he hadn't broken.

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