Thursday, June 26, 2014

Land blinds with wraps

With evening temps in the mid-80s, I took Laddie to a huge field I've discovered in Germantown and ran him on two land blinds.

My primary objective was to run Laddie past stands of trees at distance. Laddie has a tendency to wrap around large objects like hedgerows, and I need to practice anticipating the wrap and blowing a sit whistle before he veers off course. If I wait till he actually breaks to the side, he's too fast for me to stop before he gets out of sight being the obstacle.

Our first blind was 240y, featuring a keyhole at 80y and a stand of trees on the left at 200y.

Our second blind was 490y, featuring a diagonal road crossing at 30y, a stand of trees on left at 150y, ascending a slope on a long diagonal at 180y, and a stand of trees on right at 450y.

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