Friday, September 4, 2009

Water Retrieves at Cheltenham


Today, Lumi, Laddie and I ran one series at Cheltenham by ourselves, then trained with a friend named Jean for the rest of the session.

SERIES A. Water blind (Laddie, then Lumi)

Series A was a 100-yard blind run from a mound. The line to the blind crossed a road, then a ditch, then a 30-yard swim, then 10 yards to an LP. We ran this retrieve some months ago as a mark, and neither dog had difficulty with it today.

SERIES B. Single mark (Laddie, then Lumi)

Series B was a 150-yard mark, thrown right to left by Jean. The line to the fall crossed a channel and then a water-filled ditch.

Though not as long as many marks the dogs have run in the past, it was a fairly difficult line. Laddie did an excellent job. Lumi veered far left at about mid-point, then darted back to the right after she swam the ditch. She was unable to find the bird, however, and when her hunt seemed to be getting too far afield, I called for Jean to help. For some reason, when Lumi picked up the bird, she returned by the same out-of-the-way route that she had taken to the fall instead of coming straight back to me.

SERIES C. Water double (Laddie, then Lumi)

For Series C, Jean threw the 60-yard memory-bird on the right, then fired the 50-yard go-bird on the left,, left-to-right from a Bumper Boy. My intent for Jean's throw was for it to go across the channel and deep onto the far shore, but her first throw (for Laddie) landed in the channel, while her second throw (for Lumi) landed on the far shore near water's edge. The line to the 50-yard go-bird on the left included a 20-yard swim.

Both dogs took an excellent line to the go-bird on the left, and Lumi had a good return, while Laddie decided to roll in the high grass after he had come halfway back from the fall to the water.

My intent was that both dogs would run the memory-bird on the right as a channel swim, but Jean's throw for Laddie created a land-route most of the way to the bird. Lumi did run her memory-bird as a channel swim.

SERIES D. Channel mark (Laddie only)

Since Laddie had not had a channel swim today, I asked Jean to throw one last 80-yard mark for him in the property's stick pond. The retrieve also included a sharp angle entry. Laddie performed well on this mark.


In this satellite view:
  • Series A, the 100-yard water blind, is at the bottom left
  • Series B, the 150-yard single mark with two channel crossings, is at the top
  • Series C, the double, is in the center
  • Series D, Laddie's 80-yard channel mark, is at the bottom right

View 20090904 Four water series in a larger map


20090904 Series A
Series A, the 100-yard water blind

20090904 Series B
Series B, the 150-yard mark with two channel crossings

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