Thursday, September 3, 2009

Land Double and Blind

Sundown Road Park

SERIES A. Land double and blind (Laddie, then Lumi)

Because the dogs had difficulty remembering the memory-bird on yesterday's convergent double at Cheltenham, I thought I'd use RLs, weighted streamers, and ducks to run another convergent double today while training alone at a park close to home where we've trained often in the past. In addition to the double, I set up a long blind that Laddie handled well on but that turned out to be too difficult for Lumi.

The first mark of the double was on the left, thrown left to right at 100 yards. The second mark was on the right, thrown right to left at 70 yards. The remote launchers, which are barely visible in the photo below, were even less visible in reality, and both falls were on lower ground on an embankment on the far side of the basketball court and were not visible until the dog reached the far side of the tennis court. Both throws were preceded by a gunshot at the SL.

After the dog picked up both birds of the double, I ran the dog on a 200-yard blind 45° to the right of the double's go-bird. Laddie ran the blind with little difficulty, handling well. I tried Lumi on it twice, and each time she ended up in the woods to the right and no longer responding to casts. Finally, I moved closer and into a more open starting position, and Lumi ran it as 140-yard blind without difficulty.


Here's a satellite view of Series A. The SL for the double and Laddie's 200-yard blind is at the top. Lumi's 140-yard blind is planted in the same place but her SL is in the open area.

The double was "thrown" with RLs and weighted streamers. The first throw, the 100-yard memory-bird, was thrown left to right. The second throw, the 70-yard go-bird, was thrown right to left. The result of the convergent throws was that the lines to the birds formed a tight angle, tending to erase the dog's memory of the longer memory-bird.

View 20090903 Land double and blind in a larger map


20090903 Series A's land double
Series A's land double, showing lines to the 100-yard memory-bird on the left and the 70-yard go-bird to the right

20090903 Series A's blind
Series A's 200-yard blind as run by Laddie

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