Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Land Blinds

Rolling Ridge

Today, I had the dogs run just a single series at a nearby field. All of the retrieves were slanted across hills, giving the dogs practice with such terrain and also increasing the opportunities for practicing WSs.

SERIES A. Triple land blind (Laddie, then Lumi)

The first blind was to the left at 90-yards. The line to the blind crossed a wide ditch on a slant and went thru a wide keyhole formed by trees.

The 130-yard second blind was 90° to the right of the first blind. The line to the second blind slanted downhill, crossed a ditch, and slanted uphill.

The 170-yard third blind was 45° to the right of the second blind. The line to the third blind traversed rolling terrain at various angles.

All marks were ODs, and no markers were used for the first and third blinds. An old, gray wooden stake marked the second blind.

Both dogs performed well on all WSs and casts. Laddie, running first, lined the 170-yard third blind.

Photos of Series A

20090909 Blind #1
Series A 90-yard blind

20090909 Blind #2
Series A 130-yard blind

20090909 Blind #3
Series A 170-yard blind

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