Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Land Blinds, Pick-up Speed Drills

Rolling Ridge

Double land blind:
  • 100 yards to a chukar, diagonally across a large ditch and on a slant across a hillside
  • 180 yards to a duck, with opportunities to wrap first on right, then on left, a high-cover point to traverse instead of going around, and a keyhole formed by trees
The point, at 70 yards, turned out to be difficult for Lumi, impossible for Laddie. Lumi required two or three casts before she understood that she was not to go around it. Laddie was only able to run the point correctly when I moved up close to the point to send him.

After the double land blind, we had a session of pick-up speed drills. Both dogs performed exceedingly well, with not a single slow pick-up nor a single poor return.

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