Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Corridor Picture Drill, Pick-up Speed Drill

Oaks Area 3

At Alice Woodyard's suggestion, I ran both dogs on Alice's corridor picture drill. In today's version, I set up a course with three blinds — on OD, a chukar, and a duck — in a stand of about a dozen trees, so that each blind involved lining thru a corridor formed by one or more trees on each side of the line. The blinds were all in the range of 30-40 yards.

I then ran each dog on several pick-up speed drills in an open area of the same field. Each pick-up speed drill consisted of a multiple of two to five short poorman marks with ducks (in good shape) and/or chukars (in poor shape), quick send-outs after each delivery, high energy, distances ranging from 10 yards to 50 yards, and intermittent extrinsic reinforcement at delivery with high-value treats. Both dogs had excellent retrieves on every send-out, including immediate pick-ups and enthusiastic, direct returns. Lumi's last retrieve was spectacular, with a running pick-up and a race back to me.

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