Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blind, Adventure Drill

Sundown Road Park

CONDITIONS. Sunny, temps in low 80s, wind NE at 4 mph.

SERIES A. Land blind (Lumi, then Laddie)

150 yards (duck), with last 30 yards across a slope. The slope included an 0ffset keyhole with the further tree on the right and on the downhill side of the slope. Both dogs lined this blind easily.

SERIES B. Adventure Drill

Using the creek that borders one side and one end of the large field, the dogs ran seven LWL retrieves through nearly impassible terrain, including a swim-depth stream with floating and underwater debris, thick, often thorny underbrush on both sides of the stream, and in several cases fallen trees or large branches to be navigated over, under, and around. Each retrieve was run in a different location but using the same pattern:
  1. I put the dogs in a sit at the edge of the woods and underbrush that bordered the stream.
  2. I pushed as far as possible into the underbrush, then threw two ducks as far as possible over the stream.
  3. I came back out of the woods and walked with the woods 10-30 yards across the mowed field.
  4. I put Laddie on a slip lead, gave him a treat, cued Lumi to sit, and sent her to make the retrieve.
  5. With Laddie on lead beside me, I followed Lumi to the entrance to the woods. In most cases, I was able to catch a glimpse of her during some of her retrieve. I wanted to see whether she showed any inclination to roll when she arrived at any of the blinds. She did not.
  6. When I saw that Lumi was on her way back, I returned with Laddie to our original SL and received Lumi's delivery there, giving her a treat.
  7. I removed Laddie's lead and cued Sit.
  8. I sent Laddie on the retrieve, but did not follow him to the treeline. In each case, he was out of sight just long enough to get to the bird and back.
Going by their excited demeanor as each dog's turn came up for one retrieve after another, both dogs seemed to enjoy this game tremendously.

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