Friday, May 1, 2009

Steadiness Training, Wetfoot Drill

Mt. Ararat Farm

SERIES A. Steadiness Training

For this series, we had three rounds of singles. In each round, I would run Lumi, then another trainer would run a dog while Lumi honored, then I would run Laddie, and finally another trainer would run a dog while Laddie honored.

Each single consisted of a wing-clipped chukar thrown at 40 yards. Several teenagers acted together as throwers behind the holding blind. Before each throw, one of the throwers blew a duck call, and during each throw, one of the throwers fired live ammo from a shotgun, but not toward the bird.

Some of the throws were thrown into calf-high cover, others were thrown onto mowed grass. Lumi and Laddie had no difficulty marking the throws into the higher cover, but some of the other dogs did.

For all retrieves and all honors, I held my dogs' tabs. Neither of them attempted any breaks, marking or honoring.

SERIES B. Wetfoot drill

Using one of the ponds at Mt. Ararat Farm, I ran each dog on a pair of LWL retrieves with chukars placed near water's edge. Both dogs had good pick-ups and water re-entries.

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