Sunday, August 9, 2015

Two land triples and three land blinds

It seems like forever since Laddie's run a triple, so today I picked up three assistants and we drove to a local field where we'd be able to run a couple of them. However, it was an equestrian park, and some people were riding horses near the area we were training, so I had the throwers call hey-hey-hey instead of firing pistols, which might startle the horses.

Both of the triples had the same features though they had different locations and orientations: A long mark in one direction, and a tight converging double about 90° to one side, with both memory birds retired in both series. In both cases, the retired memory bird of the converging double was in the middle. But the two setups did have differences: In the first series, the long mark was on the left and was thrown first. In the second series, the long mark was on the right and was thrown second.

Of those six marks, Laddie nailed all except the last, which was the shorter memory bird, the retired mark in the center that was half of the tight converging double. Laddie needed a hunt for that mark, but he never left the area of the fall and never seemed attracted to the old fall of the go-bird, so I didn't need to handle him or get help, I just let him hunt it up.

I had set up a long blind under the arc of the long mark on the second series, but a pair of equestrians entered the horse-training ring next to the line to that blind just as I was getting ready to run Laddie on the blind. I sent him, thinking they wouldn't bother him, but after taking a good initial line, he suddenly broke away from the direction of the horses as he came up level to them and went out of sight and out of control in an instant, into the far side of the hill he was running along the side of. He remained out of sight until for several seconds, and then I saw him with the red bumper coming back toward me. I didn't want him near the horses again despite the split rail fence that enclosed the training ring, so I asked the thrower to call him to her as he ran past her and put him in his crate while the rest of us packed up and joined them there.

I then dropped off two if the assistants and used the third to help me set up two more land blinds in a different fields, since I'm having difficulty with my legs and can't walk very well at this time. Laddie ran the first one well, but went out of sight wrapping behind a shrub during the second one, so I think we've got some work on land blinds to do before our trial next weekend.

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