Saturday, August 15, 2015

Retired water marks

I usually rest Laddie on the day before a trial, and with temps in the high 80's and a long drive facing me in the wee hours, the situation was not ideal for another training session today.

However, I wanted to see if I could strengthen Laddie's confidence in retired water marks, just in case one of those occurs in our trial tomorrow.

To do so, I picked up a single assistant and we drove to the nearby abandoned golf course.

There we ran approximately 10 retired water marks, in each case with me using a side throw to give take the thrower on opportunity to retire. The setups were different from one another in a variety of ways, such as the length of the land segments before and after the water segment. But one thing they all had common was difficult water entries or re-entries.

Laddie had difficulty with a few of the marks, but he nailed most of them and we ended with a good performance. I guess we're as ready as I know how to get us at this time.

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