Friday, September 24, 2010

Triple blind


Today, Laddie and I were driving around in the van exploring, looking for new possible training locations near home. At one location I found a space between two planted fields that had a few reasonably interesting lines for blinds. I set up a triple blind and brought Laddie out of the van to run it. The picture below shows the set-up.

The first blind was on the right at 140 yards, and ended beside the curved edge of a corn field. The second blind was on the left at 210 yards, and required Laddie to cut across the curved edge of a soybean field, entering on a sharp angle 130 yards from the SL. The third blind was on the right again at 250 yards, and was on the same line as the first blind, but extended another 110 yards to another edge of the corn field. The extended section of the third blind is shown in blue in the picture. All the blinds were OBs.

2010-09-24 Triple blind

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