Friday, September 10, 2010

Out-of-order Reverse Hip-Pocket Double

Rolling Ridge

Conditions: Gorgeous day: blue skies, 72 degrees, light wind

SERIES A. Out-of-order reverse hip-pocket double with blind (Lumi, then Laddie)

Lumi ran first and ran only the double. Laddie ran second and ran the whole series, first the double, then the blind.

The first mark of the double was on the left at 70 yards, thrown right-to-left and angled back so that it landed in cover on the far side of a rise, making the area of the fall hidden from the start line. The second mark was on the right at 140 yards, thrown right-to-left from a stickman and angled back across a ditch into cover. The line to the longer mark on the right passed a little to the right of the shorter "thrower", making this a reverse hip pocket double. The fact that the long mark was thrown as the go-bird made this an out-of-order double. Both throws were with BBs.

After Laddie picked up both marks, he ran the 260-yard blind. The line to the blind ran downhill just to the right of the stickman for the long mark, across a ditch, uphill and thru a line of trees, and across an old paved driveway.

Notes on Performance

I am more concerned these days with building Laddie's confidence than I am with pushing the envelope, but I guess this set-up was too easy. Both Lumi and Laddie nailed both marks, and Laddie ran a nice tight blind, with two clean casts.

Here's a photo of Series A:

20100910 Series A Out-of-order reverse hip-pocket double plus blind

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