Thursday, November 26, 2009

Land Blinds

Oaks Area 3 Today

Today being Thanksgiving, it wasn't practical for me to take the dogs very far from home for training, but we did get in a short session:

SERIES A. Triple land blind (Laddie, then Lumi)

The first blind was to the right at 60 yards. The line to the blind was diagonally across a ditch and steep hill and past foliage on the left. The second blind was nearly 180° around to the left at 80 yards. The line to that blind was thru a wooded area and up a short slope. The third blind was in the middle at 140 yards. The line to the third blind was over a ditch and past foliage, first on the right, then on the left, forming a narrow line of sight for the last half of the blind and an opportunity for the dog to get lost out of sight on either side if she veered.

Laddie's performance was spectacular, with great WSs, accurate casts, and his exuberance in top gear. Lumi's performance was more mundane, and since she does not like to sit on wet ground, I didn't require her to sit on my whistles. But she did a good job of stopping and turning to look at me on every whistle, took good if not great casts, and never came close to requiring a Walk Out for non-responsiveness.


20091126 Series A 60-yard blind
Series A 60-yard blind

20091126 Series A 80-yard blind
Series A 80-yard blind

20091126 Series A 140-yard blind
Series A 140-yard blind

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