Tuesday, November 24, 2009

First Session in Prospect Park

Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY

The good news: Lumi and Laddie are staying with me at my new lodging in Brooklyn, as I have to spend alternate weeks in New York for my new job. I chose a place a few blocks from Prospect Park, which has huge, rolling fields plus off-leash hours 9 PM to 9 AM.

The bad news: I haven't been able to find any place up there to do water training, and I have no one to throw marks. It may be too cold for water anyway, but with L&L's Senior Hunt Tests coming up December 5-6 in South Carolina, I sure wish we could do something besides private training in the next few days.

Well, we ran some blinds on Tuesday morning. Besides the hills, the dogs had to maneuver thru keyholes formed by trees and an even more difficult challenge, other dogs and people on their route to and from the blinds. Laddie was spectacular, remaining responsive on WSs and accurate on casts despite all the distractions. Lumi found it more difficult, but did reasonably well once I got one little black dog to stop hounding her.

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