Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bird-boy blinds

On Monday, in preparation for our seminar that was beginning on Wednesday, I asked my son Eric to assist me in running Laddie on some tune-up blinds. With Eric placing the blinds one after in another, these were bird-boy blinds.

Because temps were in the 80s, I stopped after four of them, by which time Laddie's tongue was hanging out.

Each of the blinds was in a different location and orientation on the field, but they were all about the same in construction: about 120y, with a keyhole made up of two trees at about 90y. The exception was the fourth blind, which had two keyholes, at 80y and 100y.

To some extent this was practice for Laddie in seeing keyholes and understanding how to run them, though I'm not sure running any number of them will ever make going thru them automatic.

But the primary goal was to work on tightening up Laddie's whistle sit. In fact, I called Sit and walked out to pick him up on the first two whistle sits, since Laddie took a few steps before he sat.

By the third sit, Laddie was sitting immediately when I blew the whistle, and he continued doing so thru all the remaining work.

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