Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tuesday water work

Like last Tuesday, today I went with Laddie and one assistant to a property an hour from home that has numerous technical ponds. There I set up one single mark after another for the assistant to throw and Laddie to run, a total of eleven in all.

Though they were in different locations and varied in length, they all featured at least one, and sometimes two, "cheating" water entries, requiring Laddie to enter or re-enter the water to stay on line to the fall when a slight detour on land was available and visible.

In the case of marks that included a point, Laddie was allowed to go over the point, as long as he continued straight into the water on the far side, or swim around the point.

In the few cases where Laddie attempted to run the bank, I simply called him back and sent him again, and that gave him enough information to run it correctly the next time.

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