Friday, March 21, 2014

Laddie post at Hunting Retriever Stud Dogs

I found a Facebook group that I thought Laddie should be posted in: Hunting Retriever Stud Dogs

I don't understand Facebook very well. This is a closed group, so you may not be able to see the post without joining the group. Also, unlike my YouTube videos and blog posts, I don't know how to send a link of my Facebook post about Laddie.

But here's what I wrote:

This is Topbrass Lad of the Lakes SH WCX ** (Laddie). In addition to his titles, he so far has two Master legs and six Qual JAMs, including two Reserved JAMs. He began standing stud in summer of 2013, and has bred naturally, with side-by-side AI, and with shipped frozen breeding units. He is one of the only positive-trained retrievers ever in advanced AKC competition and is his owner/trainer/handler's first Master/FT field dog, so Laddie's success, including a JAM in his first field trial when he was 3yo, is a testament above all to his natural ability. His sire was Beau Geste, one-time Field Trial News Golden of the Year for both Amateur and Open, and his dam was Pawsability, a rare combination of a breeding female Golden who also earned a field championship. Besides Laddie's proven talent in the field, he also has remarkable genetics: OFA hips rated excellent, additional OFA clearances for eyes, heart, and elbow, and Optigen status of CLEAR for both of the PRA tests as well as Ichthyosis. See full pedigree, all clearances, and a puppy picture at You can watch one of Laddie's many online videos at For more info, please send email to LDRidgeway at gmail dot com.

The post was accompanied by two photos (that's the maximum number of photos you're allowed to post for a dog in this group). I attached the following two photos to the post:

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