Sunday, September 22, 2013

Laddie's first Master pass

Yesterday and today, Laddie ran in the Master stake of the Tidewater Retriever Club Fall 2013 Hunt Test.

I'm pleased to report that Laddie qualified.

That gave him his first leg toward an AKC Master Hunter (MH) title, which requires a total of five Master passes for dogs who, like Laddie, previously earned an AKC Senior Hunter (SH) title. It was the first Master pass for either of us. It may have also been the first Master pass ever by any retriever trained entirely without physical aversives.

The test consisted of three series, two yesterday (Saturday) and the third today. Descriptions of each series, together with the stake's statistics, follow:

59 dogs entered

Series A. Around-the-horn land triple with flyer go-bird and honor

6 dogs scratched
1 no-show
52 dogs ran
48 dogs called back

Series B. Walk-up water/land double, plus land and water blinds, which could be run in either order

38 dogs called back

Series C. Diversion shot and water blind, plus around-the-horn water triple with both memory-birds drifting downstream

38 dogs called back and qualified

(If possible, I'll add more detail later.)

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Megan said...

Congrats, that's awesome! :)

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