Monday, August 12, 2013

Land blinds in Vermont

During our two weeks on vacation in Vermont, we had lots of hikes and the dogs got to swim in ponds, lakes, and reservoirs half a dozen times or more. In addition, Laddie ran land blinds almost every day. However, we never did find a location for running water blinds, and we never had a chance to run any marks on land or water.

The land blinds were generally around 200y, plus or minus. It was during this trip that I realized to make a change in my handling (see When to Blow the Whistle). I needed to start blowing the whistle in anticipation of Laddie veering offline, rather than waiting for him to veer off, and also I had to occasionally blow the whistle even when no factors indicated that Laddie was likely to veer off, in order to avoid him beginning to anticipate a whistle when factors are present, which might result in an increase in popping, not only on blinds but also on marks that included similar factors.

Here's a video that Renee took for me using my phone's videocamera, showing me attempting to put those concepts into practice.

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