Saturday, May 25, 2013

Trained with four birds

Despite Laddie's previous steadiness training and the fact that he is training for Master, we trained today as with a young dog just beginning to train for Senior: pigeon flyer at 25y (ducks not available), Laddie on tab runs one mark, then honors Lumi (being run by an assistant) for same mark (again Laddie on tab). Move start line and gun station, again 25y flyer mark, again Laddie runs first, then honors Lumi.

Without the tab, I think Laddie would have been steady on second mark as working dog, would have broken on other three, but hard to be sure.

Dave, my shooter, made clear he was amenable to continued work together on upcoming weekends, so I'm optimistic we can get this problem, at least, out of the way in preparing Laddie to run in Master again later this season.

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