Friday, July 20, 2012

RE: Third green ribbon in a row

Woo woo Lindsay, that is VERY good! It is cool for any dog, especially a first time owner-trained one (first time in FT), and of course first 2Q. But even for 4Q it is a good accomplishment. FTs are a hard row to hoe.    As you know!


From: Lindsay Ridgeway []
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Subject: Third green ribbon in a row


Laddie finished his third Qual in a route, rhoda time the Western New York Retriever Club's O/H Qual.  He again ended up with a JAM.

Obviously we'd like to get something more than a green ribbon someday, but I guess it's pretty cool for a positive-trained dog to get this far.

Details to follow if I have time for a write-up, but besides all the call-backs, Laddie did need to get thru the honor on the water triple (dead birds), so that's good.  Also, he had excellent whistle sits on both the land and water blinds.


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ducks and bumpers said...

great!! I'm sure Laddie will get a Q this year!

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