Monday, January 17, 2011


Oaks Area 2

More quintuples. Today's session was similar to yesterday's, with these differences:
  • No pistol, because I felt like I was getting frostbite reloading the pistol yesterday. I called "hey-hey-hey" when throwing today.
  • I increased the distances. Today's marks were 70-180 yards each.
  • I wore a white jacket.
  • I only had Laddie run two series of five marks each.
One reason I reduced the number of series from four to two was because of the increased distances, not wanting to risk injuring Laddie by pushing him too hard.

A second reason was the frigid cold, which didn't appear to be a problem for Laddie but was making me uncomfortable.

A third reason was acute pain in my left knee. I'm not sure what's causing it, possibly my gout. I'm treating it with ibuprofen, and that seems to be helping, but I don't think a lot of walking on uneven ground is good for it, above and beyond the discomfort.

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