Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In-line Triples

Leesburg Pike School

Yesterday Laddie and I participated in a training session with Patty's group running big reverse hip-pocket doubles and blinds at the set-aside field, and a some private water work at Mt. Ararat Farm. Today, Laddie and I trained at lunch time at the field I found near my office and resumed work on ILTs.

Today, instead of walking out to the three stickmen and throwing the marks, I used two BBs and an RL with a WB at the stickmen for both of the ILTs. We used the same three gun stations twice, with two different placements of the SL:
  • Series A: The SL was 40 yards from the closest stickman and at a 90° angle.
  • Series B: The SL was 60 yards from the closest stickman and at a 60° angle.
Laddie nailed every mark of both series.

Afterwards, Laddie ran a 270-yard blind featuring two diagonal keyholes, one between two trees at 100 yards, the other thru the frame of a soccer goal at 250 yards.

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