Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stop on a Dime Drill, Interrupted Hip Pocket Double


Today was our first session of my new Stop on a Dime Drill, which I think will evolve into a daily warm-up drill that looks a bit like a Double-T.

Today's version was simple: 100 yards to a pile of five WBs, 50 yards to WS, stopped every time (mistake), alternated between CIW versus Back, all returns were extrinsically reinforced (puppy bumper throws and tug). I used "Nope" and callback for a loose response to the WS.

Next time I'll have at least half the runs with no stop. I may also add some other casts besides "Back".

Goals of a planned daily Stop on a Dime Drill:
  • Build high reinforcement value for a tight WS
  • Take edge off Laddie's energy for subsequent training or competition, hopefully improving performance
  • Build and/or maintain endurance
  • Perhaps add reinforcement value for return


SERIES A. Interrupted hip pocket double with blind

First mark was on the right, thrown at 170 yards by BB (marked by stickman) left to right into medium cover in open meadow downhill from gun station. Second mark was on the left, thrown at 40 yards by BB from behind shrubs left to right into thick medium cover, again open meadow. Fall of second mark was approximately inline to BB and stickman of first mark, making this a hip-pocket double.

To maximize the challenge of Laddie remembering the hip-pocket marks, I would have liked to set up a triple, preferably with the go-bird a flyer, but given available resources, I used a blind instead: After dog watched both throws, dog was sent to 250-yard blind (OB in high cover, no marker) diagonally across ditch, through several cover changes, diagonally traversing an uphill climb, and past a large fallen tree with risk that dog would wrap behind it. After dog picked up blind, dog was sent to pick up short go-bird, then long memory- bird. Having the marks thrown, and then having the dog run a blind before picking up the marks, made this an interrupted double.

Laddie lined the blind, then pinned both marks needing no hunts. I have no idea how he knew where everything was.

Though we continue to train pretty much every day, I don't always have time to record all our sessions. Today's Series A was similar to two series I had Laddie run a few days ago, though we didn't have a stickman in those set-ups. On both of those, Laddie had difficulty with the long marks. I guess the stickman, which I added today hoping to make the short mark more difficult, also made the long mark easier.

After another 2-3 of these set-ups over the next few days, we may try it without the stickman again. I'd like Laddie to be as comfortable as possible with the hip-pocket picture.

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