Thursday, July 15, 2010

Interrupted Single, Skimming Drill, Offline Drill


SERIES A. Interrupted Single (Lumi)

Since Lumi seemed interested in getting in some work, I set up the BB for a 50-yard angle-in into medium cover in open meadow. Then I had Lumi run a 90-yard blind (OB) 90° to the right, before sending her to pick up the mark. She ran the blind well, without any attempt to detour over to the mark, then nailed the mark. I thought it was a nice job on a pretty difficult memory-bird.

SERIES B. Land triple and blind (Laddie)

For Series B, the first mark was in the middle, thrown left to right on an angle-out at 140 yards. The second mark was on the right, thrown left to right on a sharp angle into medium cover in open meadow at 70 yards. The third mark was on the left, thrown right to left on an angle-in at 110 yards. All three marks were thrown by BBs. After Laddie picked up the three marks in the reverse order they were thrown, he ran a 180-yard blind (OB) on a line that ran just to the right of the line to the middle mark.

The third mark, the go-bird, was the kind of retrieve we've been practicing in the Skimming Drill, with a sharp angle entry into high cover to take a straight line to the fall. The second mark was challenging because it was an angle-in and because the dog had no reference points near the fall. The first mark was fairly easy. The challenge on the blind was that the dog had just run in that approximate direction to pick up the final memory-bird and dogs with Laddie's level of experience have learned not to return to old falls.

Laddie did marvelously on Series B. He took the angle entry into cover on the go-bird in both directions, and he nailed all the marks, including the second mark on the right, the location of which I had forgotten but Laddie had not. After picking up the marks, he then ran the blind without difficulty, taking WSCs to stay within a narrow corridor.

SERIES C. Offline Drill

For some time, Laddie has been running blinds successfully but has taken longer to stop on his WSs than I would like, so today I thought I'd break out a drill we trained with quite some time ago: the Offline Drill. Because Laddie is more advanced now, today's version was longer than we've trained with in the past, and the offline blinds were both further from the SL, rather than evenly spaced.

Here's a description of the drill:
  • I placed B1 (WB) at an LP with a tape waving at the top, 210 yards from the SL.
  • I placed B2 (OB) 30 yards to the right of the line to B1, 150 yards from the SL.
  • I placed B3 (OB) 30 yards to the left of the line to B1, 120 yards from the SL.
  • At the SL, I lined Laddie up on B1 and sent him with "Back". When he was out 120 yards on line to B1, I blew WS, then cast him over to B3.
  • Again at the SL, I again lined Laddie up on B1 and sent him with "Back". When he was out 150 yards on line to B1, I blew WS, then cast him over to B2.
  • Finally, I ran him to B1 without handling.
Laddie ran the drill perfectly, stopping quickly on each of the two WSs and taking each "Over" with enthusiasm and accuracy.

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