Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Triples, Blinds, and Cool-off Drill

Rolling Ridge

In about two weeks, Laddie is scheduled to run in his next Senior test, and I have two concerns in preparing him. First, his marking on recent land multiples has not been as dead-on as it has been at times in the past, and second the heat has triggered a detour to water during returns from land retrieves several times this year.

Thinking about the latter issue, today I invented the Cool-off drill (click here to read a description), and with temps in the 80s, today's session was our first attempt to try it. I used a batch of nine fairly long retrieves on dry land (Series A, B and C) to get Laddie yearning for a swim, and then ran a single Cool-off drill retrieve (Series D).

After that, we did one small skimming retrieve near the pond (Series E) and a few more happy throws (open water retrieves) in the pond.

Here's a sketch of the work:
  • Series A. Land triple using two BBs, followed by a blind under the arc of the longest mark.
  • Series B. Land triple using two BBs, followed by a blind thru a keyhole and "behind" the BB used for the longest mark.
  • Series C. 300-yard land single thru a gap in a treeline, diagonally over rolling hills, and diagonally across a dry ditch.
  • Series D. Cool-off drill at 30 yards.
  • Series E. 40-yard skimming drill with SL at water entry.

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